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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much does this service cost?
If this is your first time using Olade, you get the first 5 days free at no cost to you. However, after that, there is a fee of $9 per month. Please note that our services are meant to assist with job search tasks, not to guarantee job placement. As such, we do not offer payment plans based on your future salary.
What kind of professions do you work with?
We primarily work with software engineers at the moment, but we do occasionally work with those not in search of a software roles. If interested send us a message at CustomerCare@olade.com
How does the process work?
This is what you can expect from our service:

1) You will fill out a questionnaire detailing your preferred job specifications and priorities.
2) We will search over 90,000 companies for roles that match your criteria and present them to you.
3) We will create a customized resume and cover letter using your previous resume and the job specification as a reference.
4)We will submit an application for the job on your behalf.

Note: We will provide you copies of the customized resume, cover letter, and any other writing we may have created for the application form.

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