Marketing Automation for early stage startups and Solopreneurs

Getting Early Adopters is HARD, very HARD. That's why we handle everything - from tailoring your message and identifying your ideal customer, to generating leads, managing outreach, and arranging meetings.

Essential Marketing Insights You Can’t Ignore


Only 50.4% of startups spend more than 2hours a week on marketing. 49.6% statups dont have enough man hours to spend on marketing


of startup failures are due to a poor product-market fit. Another 22% of startups that fail don’t have a sound marketing strategy.

1 in 10

Only about 1.3 out of every 10 users are early adopters, making them a rare find in the vast user landscape.

Capturing Early Adopters Made Simple

We find the right early users who will champion your product and help shape its future, bridging the gap between your innovative idea and its market.

High-Volume Email Capability

Reach out expansively with up to 100 emails sent daily, ensuring your message reaches a broad audience for maximum impact.

Unlimited User Avatars

Create as many user avatars as needed, tailoring your approach to match diverse customer profiles and preferences.

Customizable Email Templates

Flexibility at your fingertips – craft and utilize an unlimited number of email templates to suit various outreach strategies.

Scheduled Email Automation

Efficiently plan and automate timely emails, ensuring consistent engagement with precision and ease.

Data-Driven Campaign Insights

Gain valuable insights into your outreach campaigns with our data-driven analysis, helping you make informed decisions and refine your strategy

Strategized Follow-Up Emails

Leverage follow-up techniques crafted by top marketers to keep your prospects engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

Simplified Pricing, Comprehensive Features

Simple & fixed pricing. 30 days money-back guarantee

Premium Email Templates

Unlimited User Avatars

High-Volume Email Capability

Strategized Follow-Up Emails:

Early bird price

Data-Driven Campaign Insights

“I was struggling to balance product development with customer outreach. Olade changed that. With their automated email system, I've connected with twice as many potential users, while gaining invaluable time to improve our product. The analytics feature helps me understand what works, making each campaign better than the last"

Macy Nguyen

Co-founder, Hypafly

From Idea to Market

The New Era of Automated Outreach for Emerging Businesses